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Differences and similarities of Autism (ASD) and Tourette Syndrome (TS)

 Autism spectrum disorder and Tourette Syndrome have many similarities, but there is a long way to go in the acceptance and understanding of both.


There are many differences and similarities between Tourette Syndrome (TS) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) such as prevalence, symptoms, co-occurring conditions and movements which are associated with each condition.


Tourette Syndrome is a genetic, inherited neurological condition in which people experience both vocal (sound) and motor (movement) tics, which can affect their wellbeing and learning. Tourette Syndrome is one of a number of tic disorders. 


Autism spectrum disorder is a pervasive developmental disorder with a range of deficits in social communication and social interaction. One of the similarities that Autism spectrum disorder and Tourette Syndrome share is the evolution of the understanding and acceptance of both conditions. However, it could be argued that Tourette Syndrome is still behind in this regard. 



ASD is a lifelong, developmental disability whereas for TS It is thought that approximately half of children with a TS diagnosis will see a significant reduction in their symptoms as they approach adulthood. However, that does leave around 50% of patients living with TS throughout their life, but with symptoms coming and going in terms of frequency and severity.

Genetic variants that contribute to autism may also be involved in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Tourette syndrome. 

More than half of people with Tourette also have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or ADHD, and up to 20 percent have autism. Because all four conditions can involve impulsive and compulsive behaviors, some scientists have proposed that they exist along a spectrum, with ADHD on one end, OCD on the other, and autism and Tourette in the middle.

How westen doctors treat Autism (ASD) and Tourette Syndrome?

Treatment are medications and behavioural therapy.

How TCM doctors treat Autism (ASD) and Tourette Syndrome?
Acupuncher, diet control and herbal medications.
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