David Wang Xuecheng Therapists 王学成 治疗师 

Graduated with a diploma majoring in Treatment and cure using TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine. David was categorized as one of the senior massage guru in the People’s Republic of China with at least 18 years of clinical practice specializing in Bone thaumotology and all other ailments causing aches and sores.

David possess excellent experience in the treatment of neck and shoulder stiffness, lower body pain and aches therapy, with satisfactory and remarkable results shown especially in Paediatrical massage therapy for children, Growth and development disorders, lose of appetite, and low immunity resistance treatments.

中医治疗专科文凭,国家高级推拿师 十八年临床经验, 擅长骨伤科及各类疼痛的治疗, 对于颈肩,腰腿痛经验丰富,善长与小儿科推拿,对于儿童迟缓发育,胃口不好,体抗力低疗效显著。