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Four of TCM’s Top Weight-Loss Foods

You may be used to dieting by eating salads, yogurt, and grilled chicken. But Chinese medicine has an entirely different take on how to best eat for weight loss and to build a healthy, balanced metabolism. Eastern nutrition is not based on calories, minerals, or vitamins, but on eating foods that will energetically support organs that are crucial for metabolic health, including the Stomach, Spleen, Kidney, and Liver.

A well-kept Chinese medicine weight loss secret: eat cooked vegetables that not only support these organs’ functions, but also absorb oil during the cooking process. These foods will naturally absorb excess oil in your digestive tract and latch onto excess mucus and lipids in your body, flushing them out during the elimination process.

Some top weight loss vegetables include:

Eggplant – This amazing vegetable is a great meat-substitute. It balances your internal Qi and Liver function, and lowers cholesterol. White ones are the best.

Bamboo shoots – This super-vegetable traditionally eaten in Asian countries helps the Stomach and the overall digestive system work optimally.

Mushrooms – These edible fungi support your Stomach and can also prevent cancer. Be sure to eat them cooked, not raw.

Taro root – This vegetable is beneficial to your Stomach, and has a special ability to absorb oils.