I am a 64 year old women and I am going to tell you about how Annie Tiang TCM has immensely benefitted me with my life.

During a trip to Russia with my husband, who works as a Bank director, met with a terrible incident while skiing which led to his whole bottom half of his body being paralyzed. This resulted in him staying several months in a hospital in Russia and no choice but heading back to our hometown, Singapore being strapped on a helicopter because of the serious injuries.

Back in Singapore, we still had to live with this tragedy and my husband had even suffered from a severe depression because of not being able to walk for the rest of his life. I had to quit my job and use our savings to support my husband and accompanying him in the hospital 24/7. This led to my neck and shoulders turning stiff and painful from the long hours and thus, I went to Annie Tiang TCM to treat the agonizing pain. The TCM was in fact very helpful with treating my stiff and painful neck and I recovered from the pain and stiffness with only 3-4 sessions of acupuncture and massages. I even recommended my husband to Annie Tiang TCM and it even helped with his injuries immensely. After several months of him visiting, he could not only feel, but also move his legs which was initially deemed impossible because of his paralysis. This gave him a new hope in life he thought he lost and this could have never been possible without the help of Annie Tiang TCM.