What is Tourette’s?
At present, the cause of Tourette’s disease has not yet been determined in medicine, but it is generally believed that it may be related to genetic, mental and brain neurotransmitting substances imbalance. Children usually develop the disease at the age of five or six, and may worsen during adolescence. Before adulthood, about 60% of the patients will recover naturally or significantly reduce. There are three to four times more male patients than females. Symptoms are a variety of tic-type symptoms and one or more vocal-language movements. The symptoms are good and bad, and last for more than one year.

Some children will have “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” (ADHD), “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”(OCD), “Learning Disability”, etc. Western medicine treatment is mostly based on vitamin B6, Risperidone, Aripiprazole, perhaps because of limited efficacy or fear of side effects, some parents will seek another Chinese medicine treatment.

Beside giving western medication, what can parent do?
For patients with Tourette’s syndrome, in addition to being 
able to receive Western medicine for diagnosis and treatment, TCM-assisted therapy is also helpful for the child’s condition. Through traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment, Tourette can reduce the probability of symptoms, and even improve nasal allergies, gastrointestinal tract and attention problems at the same time. Male patients are four times as likely as female patients, often with more than one symptom

Wind is the first of all diseases?
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the symptoms of this kind of good deeds changing rapidly and exercising very quickly belong to “wind”, and drugs that “dispel wind and relieve wind” are often used in treatment. There are many reasons for the wind movement in the body, which may be fiery heat generating wind, yin and blood deficiency generating wind, or phlegm heat moving wind and so on.

Fiery wind
is the most common in children in Tourette’s disease. These children often have constipation, body heat, red lips, dry mouth, bad breath, etc., and often have common eating habits: often eat out, like to eat fried, barbecue and other heavy flavors food, and do not like to eat vegetables and fruits. Such eating habits cause the constitution to become hot and dry, and the side of yin and blood deficiency will gradually emerge. Treatment usually starts with clearing heat, relieving spasm and expelling wind, nourishing yin and softening liver.

and wind-driven, usually likes sweets, sweats a lot and is afraid of heat, and has sticky and smelly stools. In the treatment, the first is to clear phlegm and heat and relieve wind, and to invigorate qi and spleen.

TCM treatment emphasizes integrity. Because the five zang-organs and six fu-organs affect each other, and Tourette’s movements are changeable, different movements will have different meanings, so the consultation will be more complicated and require details. However, it was also found that children with nasal allergy, gastrointestinal tract and attention problems at the same time usually improved after treatment. If you are willing to try, with acupuncture to mobilize the balance of qi and blood, the treatment
effect will be better. Combined with acupuncture treatment to relieve allergies and gastrointestinal problems


In addition, regular work and rest, a balanced diet and
moderate exercise, as well as reducing the intake of artificial additives, are
all important to Tourelle. Studies have shown that a lot of exercise can reduce
symptoms for Tourette. In the face of Tourette’s symptoms, the best way is to
“accept” it. Don’t put too much pressure or stop the movement, which
will aggravate the symptoms.



Case Study

Xiaomei is eight years old this year and is a violinist in the troupe. Recently, her mouth often makes “wave” sounds involuntarily, causing trouble in performance. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome by doctors because of her involuntary shrugging, winking, neck twisting, and frequent throat clearing.

After one acupuncture and a week of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, Xiaomei’s “wave” sound has been reduced by half.
After several weeks of treatment, her symptoms have become more stable. The severity and duration of each tourer varies, as does the length of treatment required. If you have Tourette at home, you may try Chinese medicine treatment.
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