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Herbal Neck Pillow 中药颈枕

This product could be use on cervical spondylosis, insomnia, chronic headache, hypertension patients for alternative therapeutic effect. During sleep, place the pillow at the back of the neck for better support, while the pillow adjusts itself to the contour of the neck.


  1. Soothing and clearing the meridians,
  2. Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis,Claming the mind.

主治: 颈椎病,失眠,慢性头痛及高血压病起辅助治疗作用。仰卧时垫于颈后部,可以有效地改善和恢复颈椎的正常生理弧度, 且具有

  1. 疏筋活络
  2. 活血化瘀
  3. 镇静安神等作用

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