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Pain Management

Overview of major illnesses

  • Acute pain (e.g., injuries, surgery)| Sports Pain |Labor Pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Upper or Lower Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Foot Pain
  • Cancer pain

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has several effective modalities for treating low back pain. Chinese herbs and herbal formulas are also a very important TCM modality. In China, all of the chtuina-massageronic low back patients are treated with herbal formulas and acupuncture, and even the acute low back patients will often get an herbal prescription. Herbs are important because they have a very strong effect to correct internal imbalances. The reason herbs are given to chronic low back pain patients is because this kind of pain is seen as a symptom of a deeper internal imbalance. A number of TCM patterns such as Kidney deficiency, Chi or Yang deficiency, Cold Accumulation, meridian obstruction, and others will have chronic low back pain as a symptom. Ideally, acupuncture, herbs, moxibustion, and dietary modifications would be used in combination, as needed, to open blocked meridians, promote the flow of Chi and blood, and tonify the deficiencies and degeneration that can come with age and stress.

In our experience, acupuncture not only reduces pain, it also promotes the healing process by bringing a stronger flow of blood and energy (Chi) to the affected area. Because acupuncture can affect the release of endorphins in the brain, people often find that acupuncture treatments reduce stress and produce a feeling of well-being, in addition to controlling their pain. Acute neck/ low back pain: If you have just injured yourself, and come in to have an acupuncture treatment right away, you will usually see immediate results.

Chronic neck/low back pain is a different story because it takes more time and more intensive treatment to alleviate pain and promote healing. When a health problem has become entrenched over time, it takes more time to bring it under control. Generally, the longer you have had something, or the more serious it is, the longer it will take to fix it. With chronic conditions, acupuncture treatments have a cumulative effect, building on each other over time. The good part is that you can usually see positive change after several weeks of treatment. I m not saying that the condition is cured in a few weeks, but you can tell that you are responding to treatment, and that your symptoms are improving. Some people feel better after 4-5 acupuncture treatments, and some of them need 7-8 treatments before they feel better.

Let's say that you have severe back pain. Your doctor says you have at least two herniated discs, and you are scheduled for surgery in a month. At this stage, is there any point in trying acupuncture? I had a case several months ago that shows how helpful acupuncture can be. I am not saying that acupuncture is a substitute for surgery. Some people will need to have an operation to relieve severe back conditions. But most people who try acupuncture will experience improvement in pain levels and mobility, and some of them may be able to avoid surgery.


Back Pain in Executives

A result of prolonged sitting, a poor posture, overuse of computers, frequent business travel and unhealthy executive lifestyle .

There is an increase in the problem of back pain in Singapore. According to Annie Tiang TCM, an famous TCM spine specialist, an important reason for this is our modern 21st century lifestyle. We are sitting for long hours at work and sitting for many hours at home. Many modern office workers and executives are now suffering from Back Pain as a result of this.

Back pain used to be seen mainly in those who worked in physically demanding jobs like builders, bricklayers, plantation workers, heavy industry workers, construction workers and miners.

However, nowdays, Annie Tiang TCM has noticed that there are more executives who come to him for back pain. We has identified prolonged sitting,a poor posture, overuse of computers, frequent business travel and a unhealthy executive lifestyle as major reasons for this problem. When you sit too long, Annie Tiang TCM explains, there is increased pressure in the spine discs.The spine is not one bone but about 33 bones with a soft gel like substance called the disc in between. The disc allows flexibility and movement in the spine. Executive work with computer work and a lack of movement can cause the spine dises to break down and come out or stip out. These slipped discs can pressure on the nerves and cause back pain, leg pain numbness, tingling, and as the problem gets worse even weakness in the legs. The worse case scenario is becoming unable to walk, unable to pass urine or pass motion.This can happen gradually or in some people it can happen suddenly.

Executives who have back pain often go for massages to therapists. If the pain does not get better after three visits therapist or comes back after massage therapy, we recommend come to see our Annie Tiang TCM Spine specialist Dr Joseph Yap .He does warn that massage therapy or physical therapy done in the wrong way by unqualified people can make the problem worse. A proper spin and nerve examination followed by an MRI of trie spine can reveal and confirm the problem.

X rays alone cannot show the nerves or pressure on the nerves from a slipped disc. In some older executives, the back pain or leg pain is caused by spine stenosis. This is a narrowing In the spine canal which squeezes the spine nerves. A common story that Annie Tiang TCM hears is that the person cannot walk far without the legs feeling uncomfortable. He has to stop and rest first before walking further.
Executive back pain can often be treated without surgery. The proper Annie Tiang TCM Chinese herb and our TCM therapy with our Acupuncture can help the person recover faster and return to his normal lifestyle. Some people require spine management and acupuncture to reduce pain. The better type of acupuncture can treat the root of the problem. This type of treatment is setting back the disc to reduce the pressure on the nerves.

This can be done as a Ten time treatment course procedure without any surgery. In some executives the problem has become too serious and requires surgery. It depends on the results of treatment.

In conclusion, more executives and office workers are suffering from back pain. If this back Pain is frequent or spreads to the legs. Annie Tiang TCM recommends that you need come to see our a spine specialist for a proper check up to find out the root of the problem. A healthy lifestyle with less sitting, the right exercises and a good diet can also lessen the chance of frequent back pain and leg pain.

What A Pain In The Neck

Neck pain can happen to just about anyone. Next to headaches, it is a very common symptom that may seem harmless. Yet it is disruptive to our lifestyle and if left untreated, it could cause much suffering and incapacitate us. Sometimes, neck pain could be a temporary condition that disappears with time. But more often than not, it is more than meets the eye.

The neck is composed of the bones (called vertebrae), ligaments, discs, muscles, joints and spinal cord. These structures are supplied with nerve endings that will detect painful problems when they arise. Normally well co-ordinated, the various parts of the cervical
spine are Positioned to handle all the movements, stresses, and strains of the body gracefully. However, if any one part is injured or starts to wear out, significant pain and discomfort will occur.
There are many possible causes of neck pain and they commonly include muscle strain, trauma, disc herniation, degenerative cervical spine and inflammatory cause like rheumatoid arthritis and infections. In Annie Tiang TCM years of practice, we have also seen more rare causes like infection and tumours.

There are a wide variety of possible symptoms, depending on the severity of the underlying problem.

Sufferers can have pain in the neck, shoulder, and pain in between the shoulder blades, arms or even head. To differentiate the various possible sources, the doctor has to determine if the pain is mechanical or non-mechanical in nature. Mechanical
pain is characteristically aggravated or increased with activity and diminished with rest or positional changes. Non-mechanical pain is not relieved with rest or positional changes.

· Numbness/Weakness
The cervical spine houses important nerve structures like the nerves that supply the upper limbs and the spinal cord. Each nerve that exits the spine at different levels provides sensation to the skin of the upper limb that follows a specific dermatomal
distribution and innervates their respective group of muscle in the upper limbs. If the nerve root is impinged at the neck level, the patient will experience symptoms of variable degrees of sharp, boring or shooting pain to the arms on the affected side. Such pain is termed radicular pain. The most common causes of nerve impingement at the neck level are herniated disc or bone spurs termed osteophytes, which results in irritation to the nerve and eventually causes the nerve to loose its function.

Hence, the patient may experience pain, numbness or weakness in the distribution area where the nerves provide sensation to the skin and strength to the muscles.

· Gait Disturbances
Difficulty in walking may be caused by neck problems. When the spinal cord is compressed at the neck, one may have impaired balance-resulting in unsteady walking. It can be difficult to detect as it may develop gradually or develop at an age where
things are beginning to slow down. People with myelopathy will find difficulty with manoeuvres that require a fair amount of coordination, e. g, walking
up and down the stairs, and fastening the buttons on clothes,

Various investigation may be recommended for assessment of the neck problem. They Include X rays (cervical spine), MRls and CT scans.


Annie Tiang TCM have more than 40yrs of experience in this field and have developed specialised treatment towards neck pain. The common treatment of neck pain is stated below
Meridian message therapy through following the acupoints and blood points can effectively clears the soreness in the neck. Which relieves signs of soreness and numbness.
Herbal medicine are all natural remedies that removes humidity in the body, as well as enhance the immunity in the body, and removes headaches.
Acupuncture is one of the most important and effective way of curing neck pain there are 30 acupuncture point in the neck. We have specifically chosen 30 points that can improve headaches numbness in the hand.
Bone setting, cervical spine traction and heat treatment
All these choices of treatment will be taken into effect to help patients improve and relieve their pains and soreness. These treatments are all natural and safe. Come to Annie Tiang TCM now and cure your pains!

1. Neck pain that radiates to the arms
2. Neck pain that is worsening and persistent
3. Associated numbness /weakness of the limbs
4.Associated gait disturbances
5.Neck pain that keeps one awake at night.
6. Neck pain with associated fever, chills or symptoms of Infection

It ls vital for you to seek medical advice early

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