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Slimming and Weight Loss

Overview of major illnesses

  • Over weight problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep apnea, gout, high blood sugar

Tui Na  is a deep tissue Chinese massage and is a fundamental component tcm-slimmingof Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is highly effective in localised slimming and when treated in combination with other traditional Chinese treatments such as heat cupping and acupuncture. It will provide good amazing results.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Slimming As compared to taking slimming supplements and crash dieting, TCM slimming method is healthy, does not have side effect, and the results are long-lasting. Moreover, it helps to regulate blood circulation, internal secretion, detoxing, improve metabolism and digestion, which helps to promote the overall healthy effect on slimming. It is not always as simple as in the case that the more you eat, the more weight you gain.

Most people believe that weight is gained from overeating, which is in fact true for most cases, but it fails to explain that how can some people simply can lose weight even though they are heavy eaters while some just simply gain weight easily, even just by eating small portions of meal and drinking only water. Traditional Chinese Medicine studies the relationship between having healthy internal organs and the overall wellbeing of a person. If you need help with an effective weight loss and slimming program.

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