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Tcm chiropractor singapore

Best TCM Chiropractor Singapore

TCM Chiropractic is well established in Singapore. Chiropractic care helps people regain optimal health fastly. We recommend Chiropractic treat to solve Upper, Mid or Low Back Pain,Neck Pain & Stiffness and Shoulder Pain. It also can treat Numbness/Tingling, Chest Pain, Extremity Pain (Arm & Leg), Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Ankle/Foot Pain, Headaches.


Annietiang TCM chiropractic is one of the best Singapore chiropractic care center. Most patients who have low back pain, Back pain or neck pain are recovered fastly in our center.

As the Best Chiropractors‎ in Singapore, we combine other manual-therapy professions, including massage therapy, osteopathy, and physical therapy and work closely with our patients to customize a best TCM CHIROPRACTOR approach for you.

If you have slipped disc problems, sports injury or spine pain problem. You will see big improvement to your health by our best TCM CHIROPRACTOR. There is some difference between Chiropractic and TCM. Chiropractic is able to pin point and help on the problem area directly, while good tcm treatment normally treat underlying problem gradually. TCM is taking time to shown effect but it last long.

Finding a reliable chiropractor to take care of your needs is must since there are risks involved in any healthcare business.

Before you come to visit Annietiang, kindly inform us clearly about your health history. It is better to bring along any accompanying medical documents. The more information you provide, the better the advice we can give and the lower the risks.

For more information regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment services or TCM CHIROPRACTOR, please call us or booking in advance. Annietiang will take pride in making you feel welcomed and relaxed.