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TCM Internal Medicine In Singapore

At Annie Tiang, we specialize in internal medicine through TCM. Here are the conditions we are able to address:

  • Gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Hypertension, high cholesterol & diabetes
  • Headache, dizziness, vertigo & insomnia
  • Sinusitis & pharyngitis, hypertensive disorder
  • Stroke recovery
  • Preoperative & postoperative recuperation

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In traditional Chinese medicine, the Spleen is the essential organ involved in gastro-intestinal disorders as its responsible for transporting food essence in the body. To function well, the Spleen needs to be moist; however, a deficiency in Chi can result in it being overmoist. On the other hand, the stomach could overheat and cause an imbalance, contributing to gastro-intestinal distress.

Common causes are: 

Spleen Chi Deficiency – Due to chronic fatigue or illness from lack of rest. 

Damp Heat Retention – Poor diet, environmental stress factors and body infections. 

Disharmony of Liver and Spleen – Emotional disturbance such as depression. 

Yang Deficiency – Body health deterioration due to old age.

To treat these imbalances, Chinese medicine commonly uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, and moxibustion. When applied properly, these modalities balance Yin and Yang, harmonize Chi and Blood, nourish the organs, and eliminate Damp-Heat. TCM resolves their root causes and alleviates these symptoms by soothing and regulating the energy flow of the stomach and liver and removing the build-up of “heat-dampness “in the body.

Annie Tiang TCM specializes in gastro-intestinal discomfort treatments. We believe in achieving balance in the human body which is done through acupuncture, herbalism and moxibustion. Have your discomfort solved today, book a consultation using the form above. 

The common cold is an acute viral infection that generally causes inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. It is the most common infectious disease in humans, and accounts for more time lost from work or school than any other disease. Flu is an acute and contagious infection of the respiratory tract. Its symptoms include running nose, cough, chills, headache, fever, and severe aching in the muscles and joints. Although flu affects all age groups, school children have the highest incidence. Although colds and flu are generally of brief duration, they can lead to complications in the very young, the elderly, and those with chronic diseases or compromised immune systems.

Because both cold and flu are viral infections, conventional medicine has no cure for them. Bed rest and increased fluid intake are generally suggested to make the patient more comfortable. Aspirin, nasal decongestants, and other medications such as steam inhalation, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, amantadine, or rimantadine are prescribed.

In China, these anti-cold and flu formulas will be found in every families medicine cabinet. It would be almost impossible to find a person in China who has never taken one. Most of these effective and time-tested herbal formulas come from two important schools in traditional Chinese medicine: the school of cold-induced febrile diseases, represented by Zhang Zhongjing (150-219 AD), and the school of seasonal febrile diseases, represented by Wu Jutong (1758-1836).

Most people with chronic illness fall into the Deficiency category. They are the targets of cold and flu during every seasonal change and in every flu season. Their energy is low, their immune systems are weak, and they have trouble recovering from prolonged illness. Women with a Deficiency condition often catch a cold before every menstrual cycle. When Deficiency-pattern people are hit by cold or flu, they should use either Cold & Flu Formula or Wind-Cold Formula, depending upon whether their illness falls into the Wind-Heat type or the Wind-Cold type. Once cold or flu symptoms are gone, other formulas can be taken to strengthen the immune system and prevent recurrence of disease. Consult a Chinese medicine practitioner to determine the best formula for you.

Using herbal formulas to prevent and treat colds and flu is one of the best-developed and most successful aspects of traditional Chinese medicine. Specific treatment practices and formulas have been handed down unbroken from the earliest schools to the modern universities of China. In this country, more and more people are becoming aware of the existence and efficacy of the ancient cold and flu formulas. At our clinic, ANNIE TIANG TCM, we see increased demand for this type of treatment, especially among schoolteachers, who are constantly being exposed to colds. Our clients say that their doctors have been surprised by the effectiveness of Cold & Flu Formula, which is a common and popular formula in China.

Base on the TCM, cold, flu and cough is attributed to different internal and external causes. Treatment will thus be prescribed according to the various types of that: ”wind-cold,” ”wind-heat”, yin deficiency in the lungs, dampness(phlegm) and fire(live).

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