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Sleep well and your weight loss success rate will greatly increases! up up up….

Sleep is closely related to health, but what many people don’t know is that sleep can also affect weight loss. In addition to the leptin secreted by the human body during sleep, it helps to suppress appetite. Poor sleep quality can also easily increase food intake and increase the secretion of stress hormones, which in turn makes it easier to gain weight. In order to improve sleep quality, should remember the three key points, not only to sleep well, but also to greatly improve the success rate of weight loss.

Key 1: Make good use of sparkling water
Some people like to drink with meals, or think that alcohol can help sleep, but in fact, alcohol has a diuretic effect, which leads to nocturia, which not only prevents sleep, but also reduces sleep quality. In addition, the short-term rise in body temperature caused by drinking will also hinder the process of sleep. If you develop the habit of drinking before going to bed, it may even lead to sleep disorders, either not sleeping well or waking up early.

Therefore, for people who always want to drink, Annie Tiang TCM suggests that they can be replaced with sparkling water, which can avoid negative effects on sleep while enjoying the taste of bubbles.

Key 2: Don’t eat 4 hours before bed
Not only people who lose weight, but many people will feel hungry when they go to bed, and the perception that “you will want to sleep when you are full” will make people accustomed to eating something to pad their stomachs before going to bed. Although you may feel sleepy after eating lunch at noon, this is because the blood is all concentrated in the digestive organs for digestion, and the blood flow to the brain is reduced, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply.

However, when the digestive organs perform digestion, it will actually affect sleep, resulting in a decline in sleep quality. Therefore, suggested that it is best to avoid eating 4 hours before going to bed, or to solve the dinner before 6 o’clock.

Key 3: Stay away from your phone
Many people swipe their mobile phones before going to bed, or even until midnight. Such behavior will cause the brain activity to be affected by the bright light of the mobile phone, which will make the human body mistakenly think that it is not able to rest. Because LEDs or mobile phones contain blue light with shorter wavelengths, similar to the morning light at dawn, it can cause the body to mistake the middle of the night for morning, which in turn suppresses melatonin secretion and may even cause sleep disturbances.

So if you want a good night’s sleep, it is best to get rid of the habit of sliding your phone before going to bed, put your phone in a far place, and try to completely isolate the light of the sleeping environment before going to bed. You can feel it in just a few days. 



How TCM Weight Management work

A TCM approach to losing weight the safe and healthy way
Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicine treatment, an effective method for weight loss with perseverance from the individual is required. Also it is not a quick-fix solution. It works gradually, at least two to three sessions per week are needed in order achieve the desired results. It should be coupled with regular exercise and healthy diet habits.


Increases your metabolic rate Acupuncture will help to boost your metabolism, get rid of fluid retention and improve your digestive functions that will support your body burns off the calories from the food you consume more effectively instead of storing excess fat.
Curbs your appetite
By manipulating hormone levels to make you feel satiated. After a few acupuncture sessions, you will notice that you snack less. While undergoing treatment, you must be mindful of the food you eat. Take meals regularly with balanced diet that contain plenty of vegetables, nutrients and abstain from junk food.
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Sliming & Detox Tea


Our slimming weight loss tea thathelps you with your weight loss journey. Teas have been proven to aid weight loss when paired with dieting and exercise. Our slimming tea beverage can be taken as breakfast in the morning. The primary water content helps one to feelfull and satisfied while not adding many calories thereby assisting in weightloss. This tea will help boost your metabolism and digestion process thereby reducing fat. It is compatible with any weight loss program you choose to join.

  • Fewer Calories
  • Ability to keep one full for a good number of hours during intermittent fasting. It suppresses your appetite!
  • Promotes cleansing and hydration while detoxifying your system
  • It contains anti-oxidant properties which help your body to get rid of harmful toxins

    Dosage – Take 2 tea bags a day for 30 days and lose weight.
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Calming Blend Sleeping Tea

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Bedtime Sleep Tea – Head Off to Dreamland Quickly We’ve all been in that situation where we have acute insomnia probably from a change of environment, stress, or other causes. We all know what we did to combat it.

Drink hot tea with LOTS of milk. Yes!

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The Healing Remedy Bedtime Sleep Tea

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